Greg Hutt is more than the owner of VLI he is VLI.  The company’s only purpose is to provide Greg with the best framework to serve clients.  It is the un-interrupted high-level service that defines his (and VLI’s) purpose. 

                             Greg Hutt

                             Greg Hutt

To start at the beginning, Greg’s passion to work with his hands was sparked by his father incorporating him into many projects around the home.  Mechanical drawing, and wood and metal shop were the classes he favored in high school.  Obtaining the rank of an Eagle Boy Scout taught him the value of discipline and reinforced his working with his hands as a youth.  He realized himself as a doer, loving to overcome obstacles to satisfy those around him.

His entire working career is in construction.  Starting as a laborer out of high school he found himself purchasing tools and equipment to be more effective.  Rapidly he became a carpenter subcontractor and cabinet maker specializing in high end residential and commercial custom projects in central Ohio.

Having a drive to excel and having moved to Tennessee, Greg became an assistant and soon superintendent building apartments for Trammell Crow.  Following that he graduated to true commercial work as a traveling project manager building gas stations and quick lubes in multiple states.  Typically, he was given drawings and an address, and with short deadlines got the job done.  Often he would arrive in the new town and find three excavators to look the drawings before he found a motel to stay in that night. The communication and people skills to be successful on these fast paced projects make Greg highly effective today.

In 1985 he married his wife, Alicia.  Her faith had the singular greatest influence on him.  They became lay ministers having fellowship in their home for over ten years.  in 1988 they returned to Columbus Ohio for family concerns.  Greg worked for various local contractors as a project manager and in 1999 became the Operations Vice President for a development and construction company building in Ohio, Tennessee and Florida. 

In 2001, while maintaining their lay careers, Greg and Alicia partnered with another couple to found a small church in Westerville Ohio.  Greg accepted ordination and served as vice president until 2007.  This endeavor and the home fellowship experience dramatically effected Greg’s passion to serve others.   

As the apartment industry slowed to a halt, Greg formed Vaun Laughlin Inc. in 2003to build the home he lives in today, and started as a Project Manager for a regional church building company.  As is typical, he soon excelled at every level of performance there.  He worked directly with the churches to define their mission and establish their construction goals, while assisting the sales and design staff in bringing each project to fruition.  The time he spent with the churches was a sustaining influence in his life that solidified his personal mission to serve the faith based community.  

Once again, with the economy halting church construction, Greg took the opportunity to obtain the degree he had regretted not having.  In late 2011 Greg graduated from Columbus State summa cum laude with a degree in Construction Management and by 2013 started performing maintenance and general contracting as VLI Construction Services a subsidiary of Vaun Laughlin Inc.  (For an explanation of the name see the History page)

Today, VLI has performed millions of dollars of work for higher education, medical, faith based and retail clients in Ohio.  Greg is proud of the relationship he maintains with those that trust him to handle their construction needs.  Special and sensitive projects are his forte.  VLI builds value and Greg is thankful to serve those he has opportunity to.