The services VLI provides fall into three type of relationships; design build, general contracting and owner services for remodeling, new-build, maintenance and historical restoration projects.  Each provides different benefits and VLI is proud to offer flexibility that best suits you.  Following are the three types of relationships briefly explained.

DESIGN BUILD is the relationship best suited for un-defined or complicated projects and maintenance projects with known unseen conditions.  This relationship allows the client to explore the in-and-outs of an endeavor they are considering.  Many times an entire project including cost, scheduling, design, scope of work and the project team will be developed without commitment to the overall project.  It allows for questions and concerns to be resolved at a timely cost savings juncture by the team willing to perform the work.  It is an excellent method to insure performance satisfaction with real cost savings.

GENERAL CONTRACTING is the relationship for straight forward new-build and remodel projects or maintenance projects with a clearly defined scope of work.  Typically, clear and complete construction documents have been developed for everyone’s understanding.  This method depends upon the construction documents to express the client’s critical needs and expectations. 

OWNER SERVICES has primarily three different benefits.  First, where the client wants the service (sometimes just advice) of a construction expert.  Usually used to explore a solution to a complicated issue.  It may be a preamble to both design build or general contracting services.  Second, when the client desires expert representation or additional general liability protection for a project.  Third, when it is advantageous to preserve a client’s direct relationship with a certain aspect of the project.  For instance, to satisfy a roof manufactures warranty being issued to the owner VLI would provide third-party services (schedule, safety, general oversite, etc.) while the owner benefits from the roof manufactures issuance of an “owner’s” warranty.