The founding of the company was a culmination of Greg Hutt’s passion to excel and serve.  Greg having started as a laborer out of high school, spent years as a carpentry subcontractor and cabinet maker in central Ohio, and advancing to management in the mid-1985.  By 1999 he ran operations for a multi-state development company and has extensive experience working with churches along with big-box retail, strip malls, industrial, bank and restaurant projects.  He has managed projects up to $10M.

Vaun Laughlin Incorporated was founded as an Ohio corporation on August 7, 2003 and in 2013 started doing business as VLI Construction Services. 

In Greg's own words, "The name was chosen because it inspires me to emulate those that share their names with the company.  Vaun Laughlin is a name to live up to. 

To understand let me say how deeply my wife, Alicia, and her heritage has influenced me.

My wife’s middle name is Vaun and her namesake is a man who selflessly and with great conviction influenced her father, an orphan, during his college years.  Vaun taught her father about living with quality and dignity, how to be his best, and how to life with zest.   Alicia's father was a class act and, it would not paint the entire picture without adding, Alicia has these same qualities.

Laughlin is Alicia’s maternal grandmother’s maiden name and a woman, by all accounts, of great believing and generosity.  Alicia and Callie Laughlin were very close and the many stories of the kindness and generosity along with her husband Steve have been fondly told and retold at many family gatherings and around the dinner table.

It is these characteristics; selflessness, being ones best, quality living, dignity, great believing and, especially, generosity that I chose to embody with the name Vaun Laughlin.

The name, Vaun Laughlin, with all my family's heritage, never ceases to inspire me.  I strive to live up to those noble characteristics it reminds me of."

Today, Greg positions VLI as an exceptional value for those that want to maximize their projects success.   If you believe in the value of partnering with someone committed to these values, I invite you to contact VLI today.